“We have been with [Imagine Evening Rose] since Day One and have been delighted with the quality of education our three children are receiving.   The teachers and administration genuinely care about the students and this level of commitment radiates throughout the school.   Imagine’s hands-on learning environment fosters individual ingenuity as well as the importance of working with a team and parental involvement . . . These [state] standards are exceeded through Imagine’s Six Measures of Excellence.  The uniforms are sharp, economical and make getting ready in the morning easy.  Our oldest had attended two years of an ‘A’ ranked Blue Ribbon School in Tallahassee and was having severe stress issues.  This is not the case at Imagine.  Our children are excited about going to school and school events.  We truly feel as if we are part of a family unit.”
Stacey C., parent at Imagine Evening Rose

We believe that, given a choice, parents will seek out the best school for their children.  On a daily basis, they see the academic, character, behavioral, and social growth of their children. Thus, parents are the most reliable measure of accountability and quality.

The single biggest difference between a government-operated public school and a public charter school is that parents choose whether or not to send their child to a charter school. Parents vote with their feet!

In our Spring 2011 survey, families nationwide reported 87% would recommend their Imagine school to others. How does this figure compare to you local school district?

Another measure of parent satisfaction is re-enrollment. Our schools are about 90% full, and some have significant waiting lists.

What else do parents think about Imagine Schools?

85.6% reported that they are satisfied with the quality of education that their children are receiving.

87.4% reported that teachers and staff know their children and focus on them as individuals

90.8% reported that their children feel safe at school.

89.4% reported that the schools offer them opportunities to get involved in their children’s education.

89% reported that teachers and staff model and teach positive character attributes.

(Data derived from the Spring 2012 Imagine Schools Family Survey)