The demand for public schools of choice across the United States is insatiable.  Of the 5,453 charter schools nationwide, Imagine Schools operates 75 campuses serving 40,000 students. National attention by leaders of both political parties has favored expansion of charter schools. The Center for Education Reform reports that charter schools are a growing part of the educational landscape in 39 states and the District of Columbia.

None of us could have predicted such an outpouring of desire on the part of parents for Imagine Schools.  Imagine is exploring new opportunites for schools in many states. We are committed to offering parents more high quality options for their children’s education.

New schools also give our teachers and school leaders the opportunity to assume new or greater responsibilities in new locations.  This potential for growth gives Imagine Schools people more professional options within the organization than they would ordinarily have in a school district or a stand-alone charter school. Imagine’s professional development is strengthened by having a network to share experiences, successes, and techniques for improved learning.

Because Imagine is not operating as a for-profit, there is no economic incentive for us to grow.  Our goal, however, is to serve the educational needs of as many students in the US as possible.  We are grateful to the parents, community leaders, and local boards who are choosing Imagine Schools as their educational partner.