Economic sustainability at Imagine Schools means balancing expenditures and revenues at each campus so that each school lives within its means. Charter schools operate based on the per student allocation provided by each jurisdiction and in no way diminish per student funding for those students who remain in government operated public schools.

On average, state and local governments give charter schools only 65% of the money spent on children who attend government-run public schools.  Government-operated schools do not pay for their buildings out of their routine operating funds, but rather get separate and additional funding for buildings and capital costs.  Most charter schools, however, receive NO additional or directed funds for facilities, so we must use the per student allocation (equivalent to operating funds only) received at each school to pay for everything: textbooks, teachers, administration, and buildings.  Our charter schools deliver a high quality education for less money than is being spent on government-operated schools.


Careful stewardship of these limited financial resources is essential. Imagine Schools is a full-service charter school operator that contracts with each independent local charter school governing board. Each board is actively engaged in creating, discussing, and amending its individual school budget based on the per student disbursement from each locality or state. Imagine Schools people as well as the individual governing boards work hard to eliminate waste and to use funds where they most benefit teaching, learning, and school growth.